Can you get a Face Like A Doll with the K Beauty Sugar Maple Glass Effect Face Mask?

K- Beauty @Avon have done it again with another luscious, reasonable and highly effective product - the K Beauty Sugar Maple Glass Effect Hydrogel Face Mask.

It's quite cute, no?

The only problem, I cant apply face masks to save my life, and this one is no exception...The struggle is real!

What does the K Beauty Hydrogel Face Mask do? Who is it for?

The mask claims to gently remove dead skin cells and hydrate your skin to give you a “luminous” and “glass like” glow. It doesn’t specifically mention which skin types it is for, so I would assume pretty much anyone who wants a luminous and glass like glow! (I sometimes treat myself to one before a night out...)

What are the active ingredients in the K Beauty Hydrogel Face Mask?

The main active ingredient in the K Beauty Hydrogel Face Mask is Sugar Maple, which contains a natural source of Alpha Hydroxyl Acid or AHA. Alpha Hydroxyl Acid is a naturally occurring chemical which gently loosens the bonds between dead skin cells to reveal the radiant new skin beneath.

Other ingredients found in this product include seaweed gel, caster seed oil, coconut oil and extract, pine leaf extract, Gentia root extract, Artemisia extract, Aloe leaf extract, and Chinese Scullcap extract.

What is it like to use?

The gel mask is presented in a pretty sealed foil pouch. To get at it you have to first remove the clear plastic wrapper to take off the mask, which is clear and gummy and in two parts – (the top half of the mask, with two holes for your eyes- and the bottom half of the mask, which has a hole for your lips.)

The product has a subtle but rather scrummy candy smell, somewhere between coconut and butterscotch. Or actually, if we're being technical, probably it is meant to be Maple!

The mask is a little fragile, but it is actually quite easy to apply, I’m just a prolific and incorrigible failure at applying face masks in general...So please don't judge the innocent mask on my slapdash attempt to wear it. It adhered very well and would have smoothed down nicely under less impatient fingers.

After you have applied it, it says on the packet to let it sit for ten minutes, and then after ten minutes, to remove it and massage the remaining serum in with your fingers, which I did. Very relaxing...

Is the K Beauty Glass Effect Hydrogel Face Mask effective?

After the ten minutes had elapsed and I had massaged the remaining serum in with my fingers until it was completely dry, I noticed that my skin felt very soft and supple. It did also seem brighter, clear and more luminous somehow. It definitely felt and looked like it had been well and truly pampered.

Would I buy it again?

Yes, for sure I would! And actually I do! It’s a really good mask with a visibly brightening and clarifying effect. Plus it’s reasonable, cute, and it smells very soothing and pleasant. Do try it out for yourself if you can...

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